Our 5th record in a decade, and, in my opinion, our best.

(3 new videos)


Rob Manochio (guitars)

Ricky McLean (guitar, vox)

Chris Antonowich (kit)

David Goodchild (bass/standup bass)

Sam Dudley (trombone, vox)

Zach Olson (sax, vox)

Jane Mangini (keys, synths)

Berlin (vox)


Bitch Kitty (mixing/overdubs)

TJ Wenzl (engineer)

Zippah Recording Studios

Miranda Serra (engineer)

Produced by - TJ Wenzl w/ the band

Mastering - Zippah Studios - Brian Charles

In partnership with:

WIREFOREST,LLC (Walter Sickert & The Army of Toys)

Drawings: Jake Walker

Font: Jess Murtha

Design: Nick Kent

Songs: Berlin

Lobsterland Publishing/ASCAP

Special thanks: Tom Stepsis

Note: Soon to come: VINYL!! on Light Of Day Pop Up Records

Songs (a double CD)

Great Big House

I Remember Everything

Nobody Home

High School Dropout

Unknown Soldier

Song for Amy Winehouse


Hula Girl

10 Minutes Away


Do You Still Love Me?

7 Eleven Cookbook Song


Yr An Artist

GREAT BIG HOUSE is Rick Berlin w/ THE NICKEL & DIME BAND’s 5th record in a decade. Our most coherent and multi-genre (hard rock, americana, pop, singer-songwriter, crazy) ever. I was going to include a parenthetical under the title which might have read: Sgt Pepper in Hyde Square, JP,  but I’ve changed that to read: Orchestra Luna - my first band ever - in Hyde Square, JP. Partly because of the big-hearted vibe this band puts out and as it reminds me of the early innocence of Orchestra Luna, although we’ve grown up differently and the record has no actual orchestra. It does cover many bases musically and is fully produced without sounding processed. To a great extent, all the songs are true and come from lives lived. Lastly, the trombonist’s mom, my sister Lisa, was in Orchestra Luna so with my nephew, Sam, playing with us, it’s a full circle.

Rick Berlin (Wikipedia)

What’s been said prior to release:

I'm really loving this's pure genius!’s seeping into my bloodstream

Brian Charles: Zippah Studios/The Sheila Divine

The band was a lot of fun. Rick is like some amazing combo of David Byrne, Neil Young, and Fred Schneider.

Chris Antonowich’s friend Bill

TJ (our engineer/producer) is the G.O.A.T.

Jane Mangini: The Transiberian Orchestra

It’s beautiful. I’m blown away. What I just heard captures the essence of it. It’s really great work. And Hi5’s to the 5/10 crew!

Brian McCaffrey: - Teenage Heart Records

This is gonna be an epic record.

-Edrie (Walter Sickert & The Army Of Toys, WIREFOREST)

Love this song (Great Big House) Rick! Thanks for sending out into the world. Glad you're still out there making a lot of noise!

Andrew Zamore

You are one hell of an epic human and artist, Rick Berlin…

Micah Sheveloff: songwriter

absofuckinglutely wonderful record!

Alec Creighton: poet

Tell Maggie 46 people in Alaska have watched her Birthday present/song video!!

Veronica Page: singer

…like it? WE LOVE IT! You should be proud - so embraceably YOU!! Filled with band, family, friends & fans which continually creates and completes Mr. Berlin 2019…Just another salute to your open heart. GBHouse is filled with the same. Nice editing of the video! Keep cranking them out, sir!

Donna and Curt: songwriters and musicians

GREAT BIG HOUSE is great work from my friend Rick Berlin. Cool music, fun videos, fabulous sentiment. Makes you feel good about the world.

Billie Best: author, blogger

Beautiful, joyous JP. This will be my new go-to to cheer me up. I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS I LOVE THIS! You are amazing at capturing how it feels to be a part of JP.

Kelly Ransom: Communications Mgr at Madison Park Development Corporation, Event Planner/Coordinator at Latin World’s Fair

Can’t believe all the tiny details. No wonder it took so long. Need to watch more time to catch it all.

Jane Clark: my sister

Feels like the inside of my head. Congratulations!

Steve Witty: author

Awesome. I love it!

Peter Rinnig: QRST T-Shirts

I love this song/video!

Patricia Brown: waitress, mom, friend


Beth Troisi: artist, collector, chef

The newest and bestest from the Mayor of JP!

Phil Wilcox: record store mgr at Tres Gatos, musician, singer

These songs make me nostalgsick. I loved it.

Noah Scanlon: musician, songwriter.

LOVE IT! Song and video. Especially the Ornette Coleman moment in the middle and the Doyles singalong at the end. How on earth do you find the time and energy to get projects like this done, I’ll never know. You continue to inspire me!

David Featherman: bassist