The Nickel & Dime Band

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The Nickel & Dime Band is as Jamaica Plain, MA a band as you can be (sort of - 6 of us live and work here. Jane lives in the Poconos). 7 years ago Berlin bumped into McLean at the Brendan Behan Pub (one short step from where they rehearse). 3 months later they co-opted the name after their (at-the-time) ferocious live karaoke band (Berlin figured: If they could play 300+ cover songs, they could easily learn some of his.) A kickass, killer, funny, danceable, deep (lyrically) and total pro buncha rock n roll idiots. Seven in all. 2 guitars, bass, keys, kit, trombone, 4 vox. Jane Mangini (principle keybordist with the Trans-Siberean Orchestra when not with us), Ricky McLean, Rob Manachio, Chris Antonowitch, Sam Dudley (Berlin's nephew) and Dave Goodchild. They recorded ALWAYS ON INSANE at Dimension Sound with Joe Stewart. Released their second CD, WHEN WE WERE KIDS (at Woolly Mammoth Sound with producer and Replacements guitarist, David Minehan. The BADVILLE EP was produced by Pete Weiss (Verdant Studio in VT). Note: Former bassists (both awesome) - Tom Appleman and Mike DeLisle. Sub drummers: Al Radzikowski and Ken Diaz. Sax: Dino Govoni. The band has released our brand new, 4th record, 10 songs and titled THE COURAGE OF THE LONELY. 5 at BITCH KITTY STUDIOS (TJ Wenzl on the desk) and 5 with Joe Stewart at his home studio. And we've begun recording our 5th cd GREAT BIG HOUSE here at home and again at BITCH KITTY STUDIOS (TJ Wenzl on the desk). Last, but not least, we’re psyched to add Zack Olson on sax!